Bed and Breakfast: “A postponed wedding is like an annulment! »

A year ago, Philippe Ramel and his wife started a business of bed and breakfast , wedding receptions and seminars by buying a castle in the Morbihan region of France.

It’s not even close, it’s a completely null activity for the reception hall, intended for weddings and seminars… I don’t see the companies coming back before September-October, at the earliest… For weddings, we had 29 reservations in 2020. All those of May, June, July are postponed or cancelled in one case. But a postponement is equivalent to a cancellation because these are all dates that we won’t be able to open next year. This year, all our weekends were taken, from May 1st to November 8th! It’s a total loss!

On a wedding, we have our two activities: room rental and bed and breakfast.we privatize the a weekend is between 8,000 and 10,000 euros.We’re going to lose half, or even about twenty weddings, that is to say between 160,000 and 200,000 euros… We’re going to compensate a little bit with the guest rooms until the end of June (they reopened at the beginning of the week, editor’s note), but it will be soft… People have the desire, the need to get away, to have fun, but they don’t have the head to spend a weekend outside.There is fear, which is respected, the 100 km limit for our young Parisian clientele and the impossibility to come for our foreign clientele… We have 60% foreigners… It’s very complicated, we lack visibility… We are impatiently waiting for the next announcements (from the government) at the end of May… But tourism is together… For us to work, there must be outdoor activities, animations next to us… It may take a long time.

We’re waiting for the insurance companies to help us with the operating loss. There’s a debate, but nothing concrete yet. It’s up to the Umih (Union des métiers et des industries de l’hôtellerie) to take care of it. We were supposed to hire two people this summer, but we postponed them. And if we didn’t, we received a grant of 1500 euros. Far from compensating for fixed expenses like ours…

The banks haven’t been a problem at all, the repayments are deferred, but we still have fixed costs of around 20,000 euros a month. That’s why we have to get back on track quickly… We’re all at that point in the profession. Our business was going well, I was 300% of my target in January! The year was shaping up to be a very auspicious one…

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